Our Partnership Schools

The Dragonfly Schools Foundation currently works in partnership with the following projects to deliver basic education and to promote equality, empowerment and wellbeing. Our provision currently includes; the rental costs of suitable school premises, teachers’ salaries, utilities, sponsorship of pupils, teaching resources and support for out-of-school-hours education programmes. 


Our Partnership Desert Camp School

This joyous little school provides basic Literacy, Numeracy and IT education, together with Art programmes, Dance and Music. The school currently accommodates approximately forty-five pupils, living in the desert camps around Pushkar, all of whom are normally unable to attend school due to poverty and low social status.


Our Partnership Special Needs School

This wonderfully vibrant school provides basic education, therapies and care for poor children with learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Originally established by a local head teacher in her own home, but now in its own building, this most caring little school currently serves between fifty and sixty pupils.


Our Partnership Part-time School and Homework Club

This exciting project works to sponsor its pupils, when they are ready, to attend a local mainstream school with an inclusive ethos. Operating from a small rented house, the project currently provides out-of-school-hours education and support, including homework tuition and Arts activities, to between forty and fifty children.

Each of our Partnership Schools works to promote the children’s wellbeing, and to maintain and celebrate their cultural heritage, through a broad and varied curriculum which embraces Art, Crafts, Music, Dancing, Yoga and Health Education. In addition, they provide nutritious food for the children each day and access to First Aid and other medical treatment if required.

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2018 Centre of Excellence Awards

 The Centre of Excellence is recognised worldwide as a leading provider of high quality online education and training. We are honoured to receive their ‘Outstanding Contribution Award for Working in the Community’ in recognition of our commitment to the values and vision of our charity and its positive effect upon the lives of others.