In time, we hope that The Dragonfly Schools Foundation will be generously supported by a number of legacies and memorial trusts which will not only help our children and young adults gain the education and vocational training they need, but will bring comfort to family and friends. If you are kind enough to leave us a legacy in your will, it is vitally important that you do so through a solicitor or a professional will-writing service. They will guide you through the process and ensure that the wording follows the correct format, so that your gift will be able to reach us.




What you should include in your will

Whether you are writing a new will or amending an old one to include The Dragonfly Schools Foundation, it is most important that you quote our UK Charity Registration Number 1170021 and the full name of our charity, ‘The Dragonfly Schools Foundation’, so that your gift will always find us.




This charity is registered with HMRC and therefore your gift will be tax-free to The Dragonfly Schools Foundation.

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2018 Centre of Excellence Awards

 The Centre of Excellence is recognised worldwide as a leading provider of high quality online education and training. We are honoured to receive their ‘Outstanding Contribution Award for Working in the Community’ in recognition of our commitment to the values and vision of our charity and its positive effect upon the lives of others.