Vocational Training

We develop and fully fund vocational training programmes for older teenagers, in order to give them the skills they will need to earn a living and to break out of the cycle of poverty in which they are trapped. We work in partnership with local businesses, organisations and individual craftsmen and women to create vocational training programmes which lead directly into employment.

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Our first three traineeships are currently being delivered by the Tree Of Life For Animals (TOLFA) animal rescue hospital in Ajmer. An award-winning hospital and integral part of the local community, TOLFA’s work has received international recognition and their training programme is professional and thorough. We provide the salaries and uniforms for both trainees throughout their training and, upon successful completion of their three-year training programme, both trainees will have full-time employment at the TOLFA hospital.

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2018 Centre of Excellence Awards

 The Centre of Excellence is recognised worldwide as a leading provider of high quality online education and training. We are honoured to receive their ‘Outstanding Contribution Award for Working in the Community’ in recognition of our commitment to the values and vision of our charity and its positive effect upon the lives of others.