Our Charity

Founded and registered as a charity in 2016, The Dragonfly Schools Foundation is a small but vibrant organisation with a clear vision and powerful commitment. We are passionate about education and its pivotal role in changing lives and futures and we are committed to transforming the lives of the children and adolescents in our care.

We provide free education and vocational training to some of India’s most neglected children. Living hard, vulnerable lives, often begging or carrying out difficult or dangerous work, these children are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty, prejudice and neglect.

Many live in tent camps; others survive on the streets or in the markets or railway stations. We give support to many pupils, including those with severe physical and learning disabilities.

Our founders

Our founders, Sue and Ian Bretherton, share many years’ experience in education in a wide variety of settings.

Sue Bretherton


In addition to her five school headships, both in the UK and overseas, Sue has taught street children in Africa and India, as well as rural students in Malaysia.

Ian Bretherton


Following his ten years in primary headship, Ian taught both male and female offenders in HM prisons, homeless men and women in hostel accommodation and student teachers in the UK.

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2018 Centre of Excellence Awards

 The Centre of Excellence is recognised worldwide as a leading provider of high quality online education and training. We are honoured to receive their ‘Outstanding Contribution Award for Working in the Community’ in recognition of our commitment to the values and vision of our charity and its positive effect upon the lives of others.